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New to Twitter? Tools to help
Josh and I bw
So, I’ve got a new Twitter account, the more professional sounding @Lisa_Bouchard.  It can be hard work, populating your twitter follower and following lists with people who 1) will read what you write and2)won’t spam all the time.  I don’t mind some ads, but if that’s all a person has to contribute, well, my time is too valuable to wade through a million ads.

To make Twitter more user friendly, here’s what I use:

  TweetDeck -TweetDeck allows you to view and update several social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, GoogleBuzz and MySpace. I use Twitter and Facebook right now, because I’m a social media noob.  What I like about TweetDeck is there are separate columns for @mentions, New Followers and Direct Messages – whenever something pops up in one of those it’s easy to see and that way you won’t miss responding to someone.  You can also add other columns which will search on a keyword or list everything a particular user or group of users posts.  Very handy for keeping track of your interests (like #steampunk) or a list of followers with a specific interest.  And I almost forgot, you can use TweetDeck to schedule updates to the social media they support – a great feature, but remember to use your powers for good and not evil.

  Tweet Adder -Not free ($55), but has saved me a lot of time.  With Tweet Adder you can easily make lists of people to follow and then Tweet Adder will do the manual labor – you just set it and forget it.  If you use Tweet Adder, don’t annoy Twitter by going over their limits. Your list can be as long as you like, it will just take you a while to get through it all.  You can also use Tweet Adder to automatically unfollow people who choose not to follow you.  There’s a good tutorial on their site to help you get started – it can be a little confusing at first.  If time is money, I’d call the $55 for Tweet Adder money well spent.

ManageFlitter -Helps you determine who to continue following.  Why clog your list with people who never tweet? With ManageFlitter, you can sort your list by people who are inactive (not tweeted in the past 30 days) or quiet (tweet less than one time a day on average).  I think people get busy and not tweeting for 30 days isn’t a crime, but you can also see if a person seems to have abandoned their account (one tweet in the past 2 years, for example) and that’s helpful.  You can also use ManageFlitter to search through the bios of all the people you follow – very useful to help make lists in TweetDeck.

These are my three top picks to make Twitter more manageable.  Overthe past three weeks I’ve done well for myself and once I go through and weed out the bots and spammers, I’ll be great.

What social media management tools are you using?  I’m always looking for something to make life a bit easier.



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