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Josh and I bw

I’m many days late,  I’ve been trying to finish up an editing job
before November. Here is the first take of my plot done up in the 7
point system.

I wrote them up in the order I listed in the previous post, but I’m

typing them up here in the order they’ll come in the novel to make sure
they make sense to me.

I don’t think I need an Ice Monster Prologue, but I haven’t decided which will be my first scene yet.

Main Ghost haunting plot

Protagonist: Kate

Antagonist: Ghost of Myra’s ancestor, who died in the building

Hook: The ghost is angry because Kate and Myra are arguing

Plot Turn 1: The ghost vandalizes Kate’s yarn shop

Pinch 1: Kate and her friend Esther spend the night in the yarn shop and they get distracted and miss the vandal.

Midpoint: Kate realizes it isn’t vandals, but it’s a ghost

Pinch 2: The ghost begins to act out even worse

Plot Turn 2: The ghost settles down when Ted comes into the shop

Resolution: The ghost is not exorcised, but is now at peace

Try/Fail 1: Hire a ghost hunter, but the ghost is too wily

Try/Fail 2:  Hold a séance, but the ghost is too angry to speak nicely to them.

Historical plot

Hook: Myra wants the house Kate lives and works in to be a museum honoring her family

Plot Turn 1: Myra and the former owner of the house had a verbal agreement, but it fell through when he died and left the

house to his daughter, who sold it to Kate

Pinch 1: Myra charges into the store, argues with Kate

Midpoint: Myra hires a lawyer to sue Kate

Pinch 2: Lawyers are too expensive and Kate thinks she’ll have to sell and move so she doesn’t loose everything.

Plot Turn 2: The ghost chooses Kate over Myra

Resolution: Kate agrees to honor the dead

Try/Fail 1: Kate tries to hire a lawyer, but he won’t take her case because she can’t afford him.

Try/Fail 2: She tries to talk to the town council, but they won’t hear a personal problem like that.


Romance plot

Hook: Kate bumps into Ted at the donut shop and is a little flirty with her

Plot Turn 1: She invites him to her shop

Pinch 1: They argue in the parking lot

Midpoint: She realizes he’s Myra’s brother and asks him to help

Pinch 2: The ghost behaves when he’s in the yarn shop, because the two families are getting along

Plot Turn 2: He mediates the problem between Kate and Myra

Resolution: He asks her to lunch

Try/Fail 1: He says he can’t work with her against his sister

Not as much detail as I might like so far, but it’s a start and with November coming up soon it may be all that I have time for.



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