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This Post Brought to You by the Letter Samech
Josh and I bw

Tonight is the beginning of another Jewish holiday,
Sukkot(sue-COAT).  I love the holidays and there are a couple more
coming up soon, but some times I wish they were more spread out.

At Sukkot, we eat in a Sukkah- in English, a booth, for a week. Every
year we make our Sukkah out on our back deck, and every year I remember
how much I love my Sukkah.

It’s beautiful and at night, with the lights and candles, it’s
downright romantic. Try having 7 romantic dinners in a row and tell me
it’s not good for your marriage…

Oh, I suppose I should explain that in Hebrew, the first letter of Sukkot is a samech (looks like a circle, sounds like an s).


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